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tonight more violence in a school. this time it happened in southern california at a high school tall taft union. a student was absent from roll call, but then allegedly showed up with a shotgun, shooting a 16-year-old, who's in critical country, then opened fire on another student tonight a teacher is being held as a hero. that teacher and another staff member talked the shooter into surrending. >> you know, if it weren't for this teacher and the quick response, we don't know. maybe as many as 20 rounds of shotgun rounds in his pocket. so he don't know what might have happened. this as tragedy, but not as we think it might have been. >> that off was not there today. he had been snowed in this morning. >> the shooting today comes as
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vice president biden helps up a gun task force. he says he plan toss give his recommendations to president obama by tuesday. today mr. biden heard from the national rifle association which is also expressing opposition to the ideas. steve handlesman has more on what they are talking about today. steve? >> the nra didn't like the way it went, but a big question is how powerful and influential is the nra here on capitol hill? and the answer might be still plenty powerful, despite the massacre in connecticut and today's shotgun shooting in california which left a student wounded. another s.w.a.t. team at a school. another shooting incident. the images from near bakersfield, california hit networks as vice president biden said he'll send to president obama on tuesday a proposal to change u.s. gun laws.
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>> diminish the probability that what we've seen will okur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in their schools. >> reporter: biden who met with hunting groups today and the nra, is expected to recommend a new ban on assault weapons and large-capacity clips. and setting up a stronger background check sim. no exceptions for gun shows and the internet market where 40% of guns get sold in and out without any check to stop sales to criminals or the mentally ill. a mass shooting survivor says changing that is job one. not removing the second amendment, that's not what we're talking about. >> gun rights advocates are pushing back. >> the best response is to have a good guy with a gun there at the scene. to do that you need more people
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who are good guys with guns. >> that's what it is nra said. not enough focus on keeping children safe, says the nra, too much focus on restricting lawful firearm owners. >> the nra is claiming a gain of 100,000 new members since the school shooting in connecticut. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. defense secretary leone panetta welcomed afghan president hamid karzai to the pentagon today. he received full military honors today. karzai and panetta talked about the future in afghanistan, including plans to withdraw the majority of u.s. troops by the end of next year. karzai meets with president obama at the white house tomorrow. there appears to be a solid reason to keep controversial photographs of osama bin laden from the public eye. that, according to a federal appeals court judge. a group called judicial watch filed a freedom of information
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act request for those photographs. those photographs were taken during and after the raid in which u.s. commandos killed bin laden back in 2011. today in court judicial watch argued that the government did not provide a specific enough basis for denies the request for fraps. the judge said the government cited specific concerns that the images might be used by al qaeda as propaganda to spark andy-uss sentiments. a push to move the fbi headquarters for the commonwealth. they said the fbi's 11,000 employees to relocate. david culver is in springfield with details on the proposal and the potential relocation site. >> if fairfax county officials have it their way, this would be the new headquarters for the fbi. really this is just one of many sites being considered.
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in virginia alone you have fairfax, loudoun all gathering with a clear goal. the fbi's move has been in the works for a while. the current facilities too small and falling apart. they want bigger. >> they need 55 acres, 2.1 million square feet. >> reporter: and it's got to be accessible. >> no question gsa would like it to be as close to public transit as possible and not too far outside the beltway. >> this bipartisan group coordinated by jim moran, clearly pushing for virginia. while stopping short of endorsen one specific location, they did concede springfield proves to be a strong candy.
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>> gsa warehouse site is obviously an excellent site. it's fairfax county's preferred site. >> fairfax county lead district supervisor jeff mccabe wants -- but the incident still looms. it's this federal outpost blamed for worsening congestion along 395. he claims an fbi headquarters in springfield will not hurt commuters. >> we can handle a wide swath in the region if we only put the site next to a metro and next to a commuter rail station. >> springfield just one of many contenders. the flight goes beyond virginia, but senator mark warners is confident. >> as lodge as this process and decision is made on the merits, then virginia will be successful. >> reporter: a side from the transportation issues we mentioned, there are also questions over how to properly protect a new headquarters and
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questions how to make it financially viable. meantime developers have until march to submit their proposals to the gsa. i'm david culver, news4. spring georges county is also making a play for the fbi. today we asked county executive baker for his take on northern virginia holding the meetings. >> a number of federal employees live in prince george's county. we know they made a point of how many folks live in virginia, but the number of people that live in prince george's county, the fact that we have metro sites here that you can do transit-oriented department, which is what gsa has said it's looking for, we'll have a very competitive package. >> baker also said there are several options for a location. d.c. also would like to see the fbi remain in the district. pleasant temps out there today. doug, as we understand, it's only going to get better? >> i think we'll go down a bit through the day tomorrow, but you say better? we're really going to get warm. coming up this weekend.
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temperatures 60s. some areas near 70. 59 in fredericksburg, 55 in manassas, 52 in gaithersburg. we came in at 56, now 57 out at the airport, so well above average by nearly 15 degrees. one thing moving our way -- moisture and a lot of it. we have a lot of rain down toward the south. back toward the west, this moisture will move into our region. tomorrow a bit of a transition day between the cooler weather and a vertebra warm weather we're expecting this weekend. we'll show you just how warm and whether or not you'll need that umbrella anytime soon. place say a patient who escaped from a local hospital today is dangerous. officers are looking for a man named clayton mollenhoff. they say he has a history of violence and extensive martial arts training. chris gordon is in tacoma park, where police believe the man is a danger to himself and to others. chris? >> reporter: tacoma park police
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has alerted an agency called a child is missing. they use high-tech methods to locate not only children, but adults who may have mental or physical disabilities. tacoma park police are searching for a man who escaped from washington adventist hospital last night at about 9:20 p.m. detectives are looking for 27-year-old clayton mollenhoff. police call him a cry kale missing dangerous person. >> he has issue with his paranoia, with a history of violence. he's been suicidal, and he's been very aggressive and combative toward police officers. >> reporter: police say use extreme caution and don't approach him. mollenhoff was seen in the -- we showed his picture to people there today, asking if anyone recognizes him. have you seen him? >> no. >> reporter: do you recognize him? >> no. okay. i'll out for him. >> reporter: he is 5'11",
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weighing between 170 and 200 pounds. a criminal record search for clayton mullenhoff turned you have several times for burglary, drugs, and assault. >> he has escaped in the past several times. he apparently has a lot of extensive training in martial arts, so keeping him restrained has been a bit of a challenge. he needs help and he needs to go back to the washington adventist hospital. >> reporter: his father tells me his son was in three hospitals over four days. he hopes his son is returned safely. they say anyone with information should call them. that's the latest live at the tacoma park police headquarters. >> today a former d.c. ploirch was sentenced for 14 months in
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prison. he was found guilty of soliciting a transgender woman for sex outside a cvs in northwest back in 2011. when she refused, furr threatened her and a friend shot through the wish of a gun hitting three people. they all survived. the sentence was five years in prison, but the judge suspended all but 14 months on the condition he complete three years of supervised probation. a woman has filed a $6 million civil lawsuit against a d.c. police officer and the d.c. government. her name is sasha evans. her lawyer filed the suit today, claiming that officer larry seed raped her on several occasions. in july of 2011 a grand jury insited the officers. he's accused of using a gun while forcing sex acts on three other women back in 2006.
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some breaking news now from southeast d.c. where police are investigating the first homicide of the new years. the scene is at the 2800 block of alabama avenue in southeast. detectives say a man was stabbed there. they took him to a hospital where he later died. please are still looking for suspects in that case. >> straight ahead, sleeping pills like ambien are very popular. why tonight the fda wants to lower dosages for women. a change in the weather, has caused some killer whales w [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we've perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and melted cheese. all piled-high on freshly baked bread. taste one at your local subway today! subway. eat fresh.
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there's some breaking news tonight about the secret service prostitution scandal. nbc news has learned exclusively that two drug enforcement administration agents facilitated a sexual encounter between a prostitute and a secret service agent. that information comes from a justice department investigation into the scandal, a scandal which started before president obama's trip to colombia last april. according to the record, a total of three d.e.a. agents admitted to hiring prostitutes and arranging encounters those encounters through their government blackberries. the report found the agents lied to investigators and tried to
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destroy incriminating information, but prosecutors decided not to press charges. two dozen secret service employees have been complicated in that scandal. >> it's one of the deadliest days in pakistan in years, at least 115 people were killed in a series of bombings. more than 80 were killed after the bombing of a billiard hall, another 100 people were gerald there. earlier in the day there was an explosion at a religion on you gathering. >> gerry sandusky wants a new trial. he was once an assistant football coach at penn state university, convicted of child abuse over many years. he made his first public appearance in three months in a courtroom, where hess lawyers argued he did not get a fair trial the first time around. they told the judge they did not have enough time to prepared after prosecutors turned over an overwhelming amount of material at the last minute. sandusky is serving 30 years in prison for 45 counts of child
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abuse. he says he is innocent of all the charges. tonight there are reports that a pod of trapped killer whales in canada's frozen north may have been freed overnight. the weather is the reason. a bot of killers whales may have freed themselves. tribal elders say a break in the weather created a break in the ice, frees the trapped whales. is the whales had been stuck under the thick arctic ice for days, each taking occurrence to breed through a hole considered tiny considering house big they are. it was in the middle of a massive ice field. the town's mayor first sounded the alarm scut the government to spend in icebreakers, because the hole was shrinking.
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we are very concerned. there is no icebreaker around here presently. >> reporter: the canadian government dispatched a team of scientists and researchers to the area to see what could have been done, and with no icebreakers nearby, officials determined the only how old for the whales' survival would have been a lucky break in the weather. it looks like that's exactly what happened. >> wow, that's amazing. >> for everything who saw the movie about a similar situation, it's especially powerful seeing those whales coming up for air. what a nice day out there. >> it really could not get much better. the weekend i think has some clouds associated today was really a beautiful day, a high of 57 in the middle part of january, you cannot ask for a
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better day. take a look out there today we had a high of 57. the record high today is 70 degrees. we were nowhere near that today, but we will be near 70 by the time the weekend is all said and done. tomorrow not a nice day. it will be rather cool, damp with a lot of clouds. 46 in leesburg, 43 in pax river. as we look at the radar, we don't have to go too far to start to see where the rain is. it's just back through the west. rain will be trying to make its
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way in here through the day tomorrow, but what has made its way in is the cloud cover. the clouds continue to persist and will pers through most of the day tomorrow, and then eventually they'll give us some rain, some much-needed rain at that. high pressure dominating today. the clouds have now moved in. the mild weather we've had, it's going to stick around. we'll call tomorrow might, even though it would be fairly cool. we're still predicting temperatures to be about 50 or higher in many locations, so even with that northeasterly wind, we'll be on the mild side. with the shower activity with the cloud cover, it's going to feel quite cool, and you'll need an umbrella. not a washout tomorrow, but we will see shower activity. thinking about a quarter inch total precipitation. just enough to make it wet around the region. then on saturday, the cold front moves on through, and behind is the cold front we get warm. temperatures on -- temperatures get into the low to mid 60s all
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across the region. we're looking at a warm period of time. this is why. it has to do with the jet stream. the jet stream has been way through canada. it will dip down through the west. denver's high on saturday around 18 degrees, while we are going to be near 63 on saturday, and potentially 70 on sunday. but then that cold air, as it always does, has to make its way across the east. just how much will make it here? that will be the big question. right now it looks like colder temperatures toward the end of next week. as we move towards next weekend and inauguration day, we're talking about very doled air trying to move in. how about 2009, president obama a temperature of 28 degrees at noon. windchills were in the teens, a lot of people would like to see it warmer than this. i think we'll be close to this, maybe a bit warmer, but close. are you guys going to be out there for that? >> yes, we are. bundle up. increasing clouds, 31 to 39 as we move through the next couple
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days. tomorrow afternoon, once again, mild for the temperatures, but still with afternoon showers and cloud cover, tomorrow is going to be a rather cool day. here's the next seven days, including that very warm weekend. 63 on saturday, 70 on sunday, monday and tuesday, a very good chance for much-needed rainfall. we hope we get that, and cooling off as we head towards wednesday and thursday, temperatures in the 40s. as i talked about, the trend here for the weekend and no falling railings does look like it could be on the cold side of things. >> so it goes. >> if it changes you'll be the first to know. >> appreciate it. >> thank you, doug. yesterday somebody stole a really hot cars 2005 pontiac grand am dragster. it was being stored in a trailer in noaksville, virginia. crooks also made off with a golf cart and tools. very expensive tools probably that were in that trailer with the car. all told it was valued at
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$250,000. a big change for women who take am by ambien. the fda orders drugs to reduce the prescriptions, reducing them by half. >> reporter: a well-traveled road for a good night's sleep could lead to serious problems behind the wheel, dorgd to the food & drug administration. >> the fda advised that current manufacturing or manufacturers of sleeping pills in particular ambien or zolpodin should reduce the dose. >> cut by half for female patients who metabolize it slower than men. >> they were it a little high to impaired risk of driving -- >> this actually just as bad as drinking and driving. >> reporter: there have been several driving incidents associated with the effects of
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sleeping pills. >> i remember getting on the highway and then i have no memory. >> reporter: carrie kennedy had ambien in her system, so did her cousin congressman patrick kennedy when he crashed into a concrete barrier in 2006. after mixing alcohol and ambien, a woman in texas said she had no memory of running over a mom and her two young girls. in illinois, 12 hour after taking ambien, a driver crashed into a construction site, killing one and injuring three others. doctors stress the new fda requirement should serve as a wake-up call for patients. >> people should kind of, if they take these medications, should kind of know in their own mind what the effect is and how long it affects. >> reporter: and understand just how serious the effects can be. jay gray, news4. coming up tonight, new details. a human trafficking ring busted in rockville tonight how it worked and the sentence for
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the man accused of running it. >> and why metro riders can expect delays in the future. we'll tell you about the transit agency as plan, coming up. coming up in sports, we'll hear from the surgeon who performed rg3's original knee surgery. that surgeon just happens to be a redskin. i think you'll like what he has to say. also -- >> i feel like we just punched our sport in the face.
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melt rho is already looking ahead to 2014, and warning riders to expect even more delays. today the transit agency revealed plans to spend a big part of its budget on repairs, as news4's transportation reporter a adam tuesday found out. it's all about improving the ride. >> reporter: ask riders what they think, you may get two responses. >> i dig metro. it gets the job done. >> i do think it's too expensive. and for what we're paying, it should be better service. >> reporter: they laid out the budget plans for next business year. a peek into what they'll be focusing on as it tries to improve the ride. >> i think the best way we solve it is by delivering better service. >> reporter: the focus will be on getting the new silver line
6:29 pm
in northern virginia ready for operation, spending money on an aggressive rehab of the red, orange and blue lines and replacing the oldest buses in the metro fleet. another place that metro would love to sink money is here into escalators, this one at judiciary square not working, that one under repair. there are many like this in the systems. >> reporter: the good news metro says no fare increase next year, but it is assuming fare increases in 2015 and 2017. in riders say the trip already costs too much. >> the fare seems to be higher and it's based on when you travel and how far the travel. >> reporter: in the district, adam tuss, news4. the president's inauguration committee is working now to find someone else to form the ben dib shun. the reverend is being criticized for an anti-gale sermon he delivered 15 years ago. in a recording, he can be heard
6:30 pm
pushing for therapy that he says could turn gale people straight. the inauguration committee says they did not know about that sermon. they selected giglio about his work to end human trafficking. the president will be using three bibles during the inauguration. he'll have his hand on the bible once belonging to martin luther king jr. it is the first time dr. king's bible will be used for an inauguration. the inauguration will be held on the federal holiday honoring king's birthday in fact. the president also plans to use a bible from president lincoln's first inauguration, and during a private ceremony, he'll lay his hand on a baseball that belonged to the first lady's grandmother. nbc4 is making it easy to keep up with the changes surrounding the swearing-in ceremony. for details on how that can impact your neighborhood and your travels around town, we invite you to visit, and click on our "locals" guide.
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a guilty verdict today in a landmark human trafficking case in montgomery county. the location of the prostitution operation, the middle of rock field pike. jackie bensen has more. >> reporter: shopping, dining hiram traffics. i think of is as more of a suburban nice community, there are shops that you don't really see much of any shadyness going on around here. >> a victims' advocate who worked with two of the women, ages 19 and 20, says he took away their identification documents and told them they had no way out, that they would be arrested if they told anyone. last spring, a guest at this hilton hotel on rockville pike, a popular spot for local proms and weddings complained about being solicited. the management immediately contacted police. detectives learned he used a classifieds website to advertise and moved the women
6:32 pm
around from hotel to hotel in the more affluent areas of the d.c. suburb. introduced as evidence, his texts to the women. one reads -- you got any dates? >> i think that most people in the community don't understand the extent and growth that we have seen human trafficking in the washington, d.c. metro area in montgomery county as well as other areas. >> these are evidence photos of brightly colored ecstasy pills and packets of marijuana found in the hotel room. investigators believe they were available for purchase by customers, in addition to the five prostitution-related charges, he was also convicted of drug selling. >> it sends a very strong message that montgomery county won't tolerate husk trafficking. >> reporter: this case was watch closely by prosecutors because of its unique approach of treating the women as victims in that of criminals in order to obtain the human trafficking conviction. at his sentencing in may he
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faces up to 20 years in prison. a man convicted of robbing people at a party in college park, maryland was sentenced to 60 years in prison today. sergio hernandez was also convicted of assault with a definitely weapon. he stole cell phones, cash and other electronics from an apartment complex. two other people pleaded guilty in the robbery. a fourth suspect is not yet been identified. tonight two frederick county deputies are on paid leave after they shot and killed a suspect. 19-year-old daniel vale was killed this morning in a bedroom. the sheriff's office said he pointed a gun at the deputies with. he was a suspect in a home invasion robbery. there are new developments that held the attention of washingtonians for more than a decade. chandra levy was an intern who disappeared in 2001. her body was found a year later, and then two years ago, an illegal immigrant was convicted in her murder.
6:34 pm
but as pat collins has discovered, that conviction could not be in jeopardy. >> reporter: there could be trouble in the chandra levy murder case which could impact the conviction of ingmar. sources tell news4 there's new information that could taint the testimony of an important win in the trial. they say the new evidence was brought to the judge by prosecutors. here in superior court, sources say they've already been two secret meetings between the judge, prosecutors and defense attorneys about this new development. the prosecution has asked that the new information be sealed to protect the safety of those involved. now it was back on november 201 that he was convicted of killing chandra levy in rock creek part. chandra, a 24-year-old intern with the bureau of prisons went
6:35 pm
missing in may 2001. her body found a year later. the case got national attention after it was revealed that chandra was involved in a relationship with then california congressman gary condit, condit repeatedly denied havinging in to do with her disappearance. the defendant had been linked to a number of assaults on women in rock creek park and was doing time when he was charged with the levy case. he was convicted in part because of the testimony of amando moral morales, a fellow inmaid who said he was told that guandike killed chandra levy. no comment today from the prosecutors. no comment today from the court. sources say there's another meeting scheduled next month here. maybe then we'll learn more
6:36 pm
about that mystery evidence. maybe then we'll learn whether or not he's entitled another trial. at superior court, i'm pat collins. news4. the late go-go legend chuck brown used to play in a lot of open-air theaters in his day. a new one will soon be named in his honor. ♪ don't mean a thing ♪ if you don't got the swing today mayor vincent gray signed legislation to build a chuck brown music pa sill on. it would be located at langdon park near 20th and franklin streets. it will be built of wood and stainless steel, and will seat about 900 people. visitors will also learn the history of the man known as the godfather of go-go. it's set to open this summer. maryland schools are the best in the country. the mag psi "education week" released its annual survey. mar lend is considered to have
6:37 pm
quality teachers and students who leave high school ready for college. schools in virginia came in fourth. the survey gave that state lower grades based on the early childhood education program and student achievement. d.c. schools were closer to the bottom at number 45 for some of the worst test scores in the country. still ahead on "news4 at 6," two police cars stolen in alexandria. tonight officers say they know who did it. the latest on the flu outbreak. and i'll show you when the
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up. two men have been arrested for allegedly stealing two alexandria police cars back in december. daniel harris was picked up on sunday during a traffic stop. corey yates was taken into custody earlier this week. both are charged with grand larceny auto. police say they're still looking for the missing shotgun and laptop computer that was in one of the cars. the centers for disease control says this year's flew season is one of the worst in decades. emergency rooms here, some of them are swamped with sick patients. d.c. health officials say they haven't seen a sharp uptick in cases in the city yet. doctors say this year's strain of influenza is making people very ill. if you haven't gotten a flu shot, you should try to get one
6:41 pm
as soon as possible. there are still about three months remaining in this year's flu season. it keeps getting worse. the skins lost the game, rg3 busted up his knee. today the seahawks flag flew over d.c. still hall. mayor gray is making good on a bet he had with seattle's mayor mike mcginn. the bet was the losing team would have to fly the winning team's flag over city hall, but the new news is it's only up for one day. by now, that thing ought to be down and gone. >> that doesn't even look like a flag, but a scarf. >> or something. >> the city of seattle. [ laughter ] how are we looking, partner? >> still talking about rg3. we're going to visit with the surgeon who performed his original surgery. he's actually a former redskins offense i have been lineman. you'll have to
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susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful good afternoon. here with you on this thursday evening, 49 degrees at the airport, winds out of the northeast at about 7 miles an hour. it's cool, but this temperature
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at this time of night this time of year is quite mild. we saw a high of 57, nearly 15 degrees above average. wee 52 in manassas, 49 in ft. bill advisory. and annapolis both at 45. what will we be seeing tonight? it's not going to be cold. 39 in washington, 36 in gaithersburg, maybe around the freezing mark, back towards leesburg and manassas, but normal temperatures should be in the low 20s, and 299 average low in d.c., soo we'll be about ten degrees above average. tomorrow, right bam above average, too. it will be a cool day. you're going to walk outside. with the northeasterly wind, cloud cover and showers activity, tomorrow is definitely not the best day in the forecast. future weather showing you the cloud cover we have across the area overnight in through the day tomorrow. by 2:00, a few showers here, but most of the rain still back
6:46 pm
toward the west, as it makes its way inland. by 5:00, everybody's seeing at least some shower activity, most of this should be on the light side, but we'll continue to watch it move through the region, even by 8:00 still talking about rain in parts of the area. so have the umbrellas handy. you may need them. that's not the only time you'll need them. thanksings doug. heard your interview on the 5:00 broadcast with the doctor who performed surgery on rg3 when he was at baylor. i agree with you, his assessment of recovery time was stunning. >> apparently he thinks his superhuman powers from the field translate into healing as well. i was really surprised. robert griffin iii resting in florida, where he will be for the foreseeable future, rehabbing, of course from yesterday's knee surgery. back in 2009 he had reconstructive knee surgery as well. his surgeon for that procedures
6:47 pm
was mark adikes. earl yes he told us the -- and his surprising prediction of when rg3 will be back. >> this time what happened is he store his lateral/collateral ligament, later on ended up tearing his acl as well, a small meniscus tear as well, i think. dr. andrews obviously repaired the lateral/collateral and reconstructed his acl, the one thing that makes it more painful is he actually took the graft from his good knee, his uninjured knee, but it makes the best acl, to take a piece of bone and trip of patellar tendon and piece of bone from the shin to reconstruct the acl. with the revision, acl reconstruction i would expect recovery in 6 to 8 months. i think knowing hess work ethic, the kind of athlete he is, and the kind of condition he's in, i would expect to see him back for
6:48 pm
the regular season opener. >> wow. >> yeah, that's a little surprising. >> fascinating. >> i said, doc, that's aggressive. he said what makes you think that. >> when he was training with me and rehabbing, we literally had to pull in the reins because he was going so fast. >> and he's up to date, he's talked with rg3's family and everything? >> exactly. he's seen the film, talked to the family, yeah, i think that's good news for redskins fans. >> let's go with that version. [ laughter ] >> he's our man. dr. mark adikes. junior seau committed suicide in may. now we may know why. seau's brain was studied at nih. doctors found cte, the same type of brain damage founded in other forms of deceased players and boxers, typically caused by
6:49 pm
repeated head trauma. people who have it display symptoms like dementia, memory loss, and depression. more than 30 nfl players have been found to have deceased nfl players found to have that same disease. caps training camp scheduled to start on sunday, but players and fans alike have been getting reacclimated to the practice facility already. that's where guys like brooks got an early start and shared some of their thoughts about the lockout. from lockout to plaqueout. a serene setting as unofficial practice started in the dark. >> still locked out, apparently. >> reporter: lighting the lamp not as much of a concern. >> ovechkin. >> reporter: as bringing back the casual fan bridge et, her friend and their kids came from annapolis just to watch practice. >> i want them to be excited about hockey, and i don't want
6:50 pm
them to be aware of all the stuff that goes on in the background. i just want them to come watch the game, enjoy it and like hockey. >> i field like we just punched our sport in the face. i feel bad for everything that was affected about i it directly or indirectly. i'm sitting there saying a, how do you take a sport away and then, b, how do you take it away from everything that's involved in it. it has a ripple effect. we'll do whatever to get them back. but i hope they haven't lost the interest and lost the excitement with how fun the game really is and how exciting the game is. >> the only way we can really pay them back as players is to put a good product out there and play our puts off every single night. that's -- they can remember why they love the game so much and hopefully forget about the business side, because that's -- you know, that's not the fun part. >> the easiest is to get back in the building as soon as we can
6:51 pm
and get playing. our heart goes out to them. i hope they come. i'm pretty sure they're going to be there. right now they're saying that the season is supposed to open on january 19th. we don't have the exact schedule just yesterday, but that should be released this weekend. >> didn't the fan base increase after the last strike. >> it did, but it took a while. it didn't happen right away. the last logout didn't go this long, but the one before that lasted the whole entire season. they're doing well now and they're going to be back very soon. college hoops, george mason hosting old dominion and the top 25 matchup in women's hoop. maryland visiting miami. last night the terps panicked against florida state, losing for the first time in 14 games. they haven't lost at home all season until last night. first half terps were looking
6:52 pm
good, up by as many as 14 in the first half. james padgett with a nice bucket there. things starting to slip away in the second. knowles up by two now. 18 turnovers on for maryland. carl white was just great for fsu. he had 20 points. maryland still with the chance, late down two. sethally len the freshman. uh-oh that's not what you want. the seminoles snap maryland's 13-game home winning streak.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
high tech. breaking news. police are on the scene of a serious pedestrian accidents. efficiency say four people 16 to 20 years old were hit by a vehicle at route 100 in cornerfield road. the injuries are reported to be serious and possibly life-threatening to threat one of the victims. there are traffic backups in the area. again that's in anne arundel
6:56 pm
county. a final check, dow. >> the next couple days warming up, but it won't be tomorrow. some showers activity, too. about a 40% chance of showers. saturday and sunday, nice and warm. 63 on saturday, 70 on sunday. i think we'll still see cloud cover both saturday and sunday, but -- then monday and tuesday, don't expect any sun. expect rain to come down. we need to see some rain. we're hoping for beneficial rain both days. a very cool 48 and rain on tuesday. it does look like things stay cool and get colder as we move into late next week and into next weekend. we'll talk more as we get closer. >> thanks, doug. over in sweden some guy has come up with the ultimate gadget for music lovers. check this out. ♪ >> introducing the catacomb-o
6:57 pm
sound system, a revolutionized, for audio fyphiles on the other side. >> it's it's call the cata-coffin. the inventor says he's gten a lot of calls from the u.s., canada, even taiwan. here's the deal. he hasn't sold a single one yet. maybe it's because of the price tag. that coffin costs $30,000. what's that guy doing? >> demonstrating. >> anyway he believes that he'll eventually sell one. he says probably to some rock and roll star. as i said not a single one sold yet. one might be inclined to respond with a "duh." before we go, we have to say
6:58 pm
happy birthday to the senior member of our team. another year older and wiser. >> is that a compliment or a shot? i'm not
6:59 pm

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